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Título: Diversidade e indentidade étnico-racial: trabalhando com o lúdico na educação infantil
Autor(es): Costa, Lucineide Clementino
Palavras-chave: Ludicidade
Educação Infantil
Lei 1639/2003
Data do documento: 11-Nov-2020
Resumo: The present work seeks to understand the space of Ludicity in the teaching and learning of ethnic-racial themes in early childhood education. In this perspective, ethnic-racial diversity is built from early childhood. Therefore, it is necessary to apply Law 10.639 / 2003 (BRASIL, 2003), which established the adoption of educational and pedagogical policies and tactics for valuing diversity, in order to overcome the ethnic-racial inequality in force in Brazilian education. Theoretical references were sought in several aurors, but we highlight: MUNANGA (1999); LOPES (2001); ROCHA (2008). The methodology of this work had a qualitative character and is also a case study. We also used Bardin's content analysis technique (2008). The research subjects were three teachers who work in municipal daycare centers in the city of Areia/PB. The research instrument was a semi-structured script for conducting interviews that took place in August 2020, by messaging application, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In view of the data and after the analysis, the presence of playful proposals in practices involving the ethnic-racial theme is seen.
Descrição: COSTA, L. C. da. Diversidade e identidade étnico-racial: trabalhando com o lúdico na educação infantil. 2020. 36f. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação em Pedagogia)- Universidade Estadual da Paraíba, Guarabira, 2020.
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